Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt is one of the main top travel destinations in the world due to the wealth of attractions and activities available for sun loving tourists, Egypt is considered to be cradle of civilization due to its rich ancient history. 

Luxor - Egypt

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on 07/05/2013



This small county  alone contains more than a Third of the whole world antiquities, a haven for history and great atmosphere lovers, here are few reasons why: 



Ancient Egyptian Landmarks Of Luxor

 Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Hatshepsut Temple (El-Deir El-Bahary)

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Queens

Madinat Habu Temple

Memnon Statues

 Isis Temple

Temple of Seti I

Valley of the Nobles

Avenue of the Sphinxes (Tareeq AlKebash)

Amun Temple


Deir Al-Madina

Rameses II Temple

Merenptah Temple

Mut Temple

Montu Temple

Madamud Temple

Thoth Temple

King Tut Ankhamun Tomb

Ramses VI Tomb

Ankhtifi and Sobekhotep Tombs

Elassasif Tombs

Shuroy Tombs

Amonherkhopeshef Tomb

Merenptah Tomb

Ay Tomb

Sennedjem Tomb


Other Luxor Recommended Outdoor Activities

 The Sound and Light Show

 Luxor Museum

 Mummification Museum

 Baloon Flights (very popular)

 The Banana Island

Howard Carter’s House (Who discovered King Tut’s Tomb)

 El-Souk (The Gifts Market)

 Cruise Day Tours

 Felucca (Sailing Boats) Ride on The Nile

 Visit Abu El-Hagag Mosque

 Qurna Village

 Bike and Bus Tours over the West Bank

 Day Tours Over the west bank

 Horse Riding over the west bank

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