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Chengdu - China

Published in: Travel blog
on 07/05/2013



The Capital of Sichuan province in South West China, most famous for being the home of the Panda, China’s National Treasure and the Face changing show.





Ancient Landmarks Of Chengdu

 Wuhou Temple

 Wenshu Monastery

 Thatched cottage of Du Fu

 Wide and Narrow alley (Kuangzai Xiangzi )


Museums of Chengdu

Sichuan Museum

 Brocade Museum


Other Chengdu's Recommended Sightseeing and Activities

 Panda Research centre

 Jinli Street

 Bamboo Park

 Chunxi Road

 Face Changing show








Beijing - China

Published in: Travel blog
on 07/05/2013



The Capital City of China, a must see for 1st time visitors to China, World’s famous for ancient monuments and very friendly locals.




Ancient Landmarks Of Beijing


The Great Wall of China

  Avenue of statues/Ming tombs

  Summer Palace

  The Forbidden City

  Tian’anmen Square

 The Temple of Heaven

 Bell Tower

  Drum Tower


 Yonghe Lama Temple

 Jingshan Park

  Beihai Park


Museums of Beijing

 The Forbidden City

 Summer Palace

 The National Art Museum

 Railway Museum

 Theatre Museum

 Bejing Capital Museum

 Science and Technology Museum


 Other Beijing's Recommended Sightseeing and Activities

 The Beijing Zoo

 Night Market

 Kung Fu Show

 Beijing Opera

 Olympic Stadium


 Tai Chi (Very Popular)


 Ice Skating


 Kite Flying


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